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Hello my name Is Shayla.  My gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and I am an empath. I can also pick up the energy of spirit and hear them. I have three children and love everything that has to do with nature…gardening, hiking and going to the ocean…I truly feel rejuvenated when outside…especially around water! I like anything that’s creative and I have a passion for photography. I have always had a interest in the spirit world and the universe since I can remember. As a child I would have very vivid dreams that would be precognitive of things to come. I began to realize that I had abilities that others did not. Going through life's up and downs made me wonder what my life purpose was? Why was I here? I started praying and meditating regularly for guidance and to awaken any and all gifts I may have and now I am able to connect with different energies. I am able to connect with my spirit guides and my higher self easily now. I also know that all the tragedies and challenges that I have gone through was for me to be stronger and learn from them so I can become my true self. As an empath I am able to listen with compassion and easily pick up on emotions and feelings. I know that my soul purpose is to heal and to help people willing to connect with their own inner light.

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